22 September 2006

Lazio - Atalanta preview

Lazio (-8 pts, 18th place)
Atalanta (5 pts, 6th place)
15:00 CET (9:00 AM EDT) Sun, Sep 24
Stadio Olimpico, Roma

US TV: FSC (live)

Lazio heads back home to the Olimpico this Sunday to try to eliminate another three points of penalty against newly promoted Atalanta. Although Atalanta has fared decently well in Serie A so far this season, they will not be in top form for matchday 4. The squad has four players benched due to injury and just earlier this week lost their defenseman Moris Carrozzieri for a two-month ban. Carrozzieri was penalized on Thursday for obtaining inside information and helping a friend bet on Serie C matches. As such, Atalanta has a lineup in crisis. They are keeping their starting 11 secret until Sunday, but the element of surprise is the only possible strength remaining for them.

Meanwhile Lazio only has one player out, which will mean the lineup changes will be minimal. Massimo Mutarelli tried to practice and be ready for this match, but his calf injury has not cleared up in time. He should be available in a week's time for Torino - Lazio, and meanwhile it's expected that Pasquale Foggia will take his place. The rest of the lineup should remain as we've seen it the past two games, despite the fact that gazzetta.it and KataWeb seem to disagree upon whether Pandev or Makinwa will start alongside Rocchi. I would tend to believe KataWeb, given Delio Rossi's continuing confidence in Pandev. The lineup should look as follows:


Tomasso Rocchi wants a victory:
Sono arrivati i tre punti. Siamo contenti ma ora ce ne vogliono altri tre con l'Atalanta.
"We got the three points. We are pleased but now we want another three against Atalanta."

...and I will predict one as well: Lazio 3-1 Atalanta. A goal each for Rocchi, Pandev, and Makinwa.

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