04 September 2006

Lazio 3-2 Anderlecht: tweaked form works

Lazio has scored an important victory in its last preseason friendly before beginning the Serie A campaign against Milan this coming Sunday. Delio Rossi fielded a very similar lineup (only replacing Peruzzi with Ballotta and Bonetto with Manfredini) but changed the form from the unsuccessful 4-5-1 to 4-4-1-1 as follows:


The midfield looked much less clogged and plays were able to open up. The first Lazio goal came from neo-biancoceleste Ledesma, who curled in a beautiful direct free kick (which interestingly was almost an exact copy of the first Anderlecht goal). It's promising to see that we have players that are capable of those types of kicks, because Lazio has not been able to generate that kind of threat on set pieces in the past year. The second goal, tying it at 2-2, came on a precision feed to Makinwa who had taken off at full sprint and just managed to stay onside for a one on one opportunity which he fed through the Anderlecht keeper's legs. The winning goal came on a bit more of a lucky play, a pinball-style goal that was last touched by Belleri. Not as pretty as the others, but it showed that Lazio was keeping the pressure on and generating chances in the box.

The defense also didn't see the lapses that it did in the match against Espanyol. Their opening goal was a beautiful direct free kick that neither the back four nor Ballotta could do much of anything about. Yes, the second goal for Anderlecht came from a penalty shot that could have been avoided, but Ballotta is back in form and actually blocked the rigore and only was surpassed on the rebound. All in all a good showing for Lazio, with promise for the opener against Milan, when Oddo, Rocchi, and Pandev can be reintroduced to the lineup.


Andrew said...

Great video Ed...where'd you get it?

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Ed said...

video is courtesy of some links posted on the Laziofever boards. I should give credit where it's due!

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