15 May 2007

Peruzzi stringerà i denti - Gazzetta

Peruzzi will play through the pain on Sunday

Angelo Peruzzi has decided to start against Parma this Sunday, despite his nagging injury. It will be his last opportunity to play in front of the home crowd at the Olimpico before his retirement at the end of the season.

14 May 2007

Damiani: Mezza Europa su Rocchi ma lui vuole Lazio - Kataweb

Rocchi's agent: Tommaso prefers Lazio to a move

Mezza Europa vuole Rocchi. Lui sta bene alla Lazio, il presidente Lotito è disposto ad incontrarci per discutere il contratto in scadenza tra 2 anni. Rocchi preferisce essere il primo alla Lazio che il terzo o il quarto in un altro club'. Non è difficile trattare con Lotito -- il presidente della Lazio è una persona squisita, ci vorrebbero tanti dirigenti come lui.
"Half of Europe wants Rocchi. He is happy at Lazio, and president Lotito is inclined to meet with him to discuss a contract for after two years [when Rocchi's current contract expires]. Rocchi prefers to be the first at Lazio than the third or fourth at another club. It isn't difficult to negotiate with Lotito -- the president of Lazio is a great person, I wish there were more leaders like him."

Amelia: Andare alla Lazio no sarebbe vendetta su Roma - Kataweb

Amelia would consider a move to Lazio

Livorno goalkeeper Marco Amelia has said that he wouldn't have a problem with a transfer to Lazio (to replace retiring Angelo Peruzzi), despite the fact that he has played for Roma in the past. He says that the motivation for such a move is a matter of professionalism, not revenge.

Col Parma è emergenza - Gazzetta

Formation troubles for match with Parma

Lazio will be forced to start essentially a B-squad against Parma this Sunday, with six players out due to disqualification or injury. Zauri, Siviglia, Mutarelli, and Mudingayi are out to suspension; Peruzzi and Mauri will not yet be returning from injury. The predicted formation for Sunday's match (replacements in italics):

Behrami - Stendardo - Cribari - Bonetto
Firmani - Ledesma - Manfredini
Pandev - Rocchi

Giudice Sportivo 36˚ giornata

Sanctions of the Giudice Sportivo following matchday 36

Siviglia: suspended two games (red card for protesting; insults made to the referee)
Zauri: suspended one game (4th yellow card), €1000 fine (carded when acting as captain)
Mudingayi: suspended one game (14th yellow card)
Mutarelli: suspended one game (11th yellow card)

club fines: €9000 (for fans repeatedly singing songs inciting violence; for delaying the start of the match three minutes)