14 May 2007

Lotito e il caso Rossi, "Il problema non esiste" - Gazzetta

Delio Rossi maintains that a comment he made to the press after yesterday's game was misinterpreted. He said "Non so se resto" (I don't know if I will stay), but Lazio president Claudio Lotito has clarified this:

Mi ha riferito di aver solo detto che il suo contratto scade nel 2009 e che dopo si vedrà
"He told me that he only meant that his contract finishes in 2009 and after that we will see."

Lotito is confident that Rossi is not going anywhere right now, and also believes that his tenure at Lazio will be long. He is willing to admit, however, that two years is a long time and that other opportunities may arise by then. He did state that Lazio is not looking for another coach at this time. (And why should they, Rossi has done so well!)

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