19 September 2006

Chievo - Lazio preview

Chievo (1 pt, T-11th place)
Lazio (-11 pts, 18th place)
20:30 CET (2:30 PM EDT) Wed, Sep 20
Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi, Verona

US TV: none

Delio Rossi is prepared to stay the course when the biancocelesti travel to Verona. He had these remarks regarding going into the match with Chievo:
Le prestazione non sono state negative. Manca solo il risultato. Se dobbiamo dire che è tutto sbagliato e da rifare, non sono d'accordo. Giochiamo meglio rispetto all'inizio dello scorso anno, anche se i risultati non lo dicono. Manca la tranquillità e la sicurezza nei propri mezzi. Non bisogna farsi prendere dalla frenesia.
"Our performances haven't been bad. Only the result is missing. I do not agree that we should say that everything is messed up and we should start over. We have played better than at the beginning of last year, but the results don't say that. We are lacking calm and confidence at certain moments. There is no need to do things in a frenzy."

In one respect this is absolutely true. Chievo is a lesser team and has only managed to get 1 point out of its first two matches (not that Lazio is doing better). In another respect, the Lazio we've seen in the first two matchdays has been flawed. Many things, such as midfield cohesion and maintaining control of the ball, have been cleared up since the season opener. Other things I worry about. Goran Pandev is obviously still tired; starting him in his third game in eight days does not seem like a bright move. I would much rather see Makinwa get the start and see how he fares. Likewise, Angelo Peruzzi was off his form against Palermo. Ballotta looked sharp the last time he played, against Anderlecht. While last Sunday's lineup will start again on Wednesday, I wish we could see this form:


Prediction: Chievo ?-2 Lazio. Rocchi and Makinwa with goals. Chievo's score subject to how badly the back four screw up.

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