14 September 2006

Chaaaaaaaampiooooooons update

A brief update, just to see how my predictions for the Champions League group stage are holding up after Matchday 1. I can't really go by the top two places to see if my picks are correct (because in any group where there was a tie, places 2 and 3 are tied) but I'll compare who got three points on Tuesday or Wednesday to those teams I thought would pass this stage:

Teams with 3 points after Matchday 1:
Barca, Chelsea, Bayern, Sporting, Roma merda, Valencia, Steaua, Lyon, Man U, Arsenal, Milan

My predictions:
Barca, Bremen, Bayern, Inter, Liverpool, Eindhoven, Valencia, Olimpiakos, Real Madrid, Lyon, Man U, Benfica, Arsenal, Porto, Milan, Lille

Italics highlight the differences between the actual and predicted, and vice versa. Of course it is still early in this phase. Anything could happen by December.

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