05 October 2006

State of the blog

In case you hadn't noticed, my post frequency has dropped dramatically, as I feared it would when I first started writing here. I don't know if I'm getting burned out on the whole blogging deal, or whether I'm not keeping quite as minute tabs on the everyday happenings of Lazio, or whether other factors and distractions in my life are just taking precedence. Furthermore, I do run a traffic statistics program on the site and, to be honest, the numbers are a little bit depressing. To the seven of you who keep coming back (Kerry, Alicen, Andrew, the two of you from England, the one from Singapore, and the one from Turkey): thank you. I hope you don't take it as an insult if I feel like putting lots of effort into writing articles that get seen by so few may not be the best investment of my time.

There is a bit of a lull in the Lazio world as Serie A takes a break for Euro 2008 qualifying matches. As such, I'm going to use it as a good time for me to take a break from posting. Don't expect anything until next Friday or so, when it's time to get ready for Lazio - Cagliari. Hopefully then I can get excited again about posting here every day with timely news. When I restart the blog, if you few can help by getting other people to read, I'd really appreciate it. If not, I will still try to do it for myself and for you, but I make no promises. So until then, FORZA LAZIO!


Andrew said...

No worries mate. Do what you feel. I do rather enjoy the game recaps...and the snarky comments directed toward our co-inhabitants of Stadio Olimpico.

Waj said...

Yea, what Andrew said mate. Totally understandable, and il try to get a few more peeps to read. Ciao.

Alicen said...

I enjoy the updates, but I understand. Just a basic update for games - goals, scorers, anything dramatic - would be enough for me. Of course, I can always try to find it on Eurosport or (gasp!) Gazetta.

So, whatever you do - it's cool.

Forza Lazio and all that. ;)

darran said...

I am the guy from Singapore reading your blog. Please do not think that it is a waste of your time, I appreciate your blog a lot. Your opinions is something out of the ordinary and I would love to see more updates. But I respect your decision, hope to see you back soon :)

Take care and always
Forza Lazio

ecormany said...

thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. trust me, i wasn't trying to threaten them out of you, but i really needed to hear them. i still plan to take the week off, but i'll definitely be back. i guess i should apply my lazialita to this as well: non mollero mai!