27 October 2006

Samp 2-0 Lazio: seeing red

I didn't get to see Sampdoria - Lazio, and that's probably a good thing. This will be brief, because I really don't want to talk about it that much.

1. Goddammit Belleri. In two games he's given up two goals, the one against Samp an even bigger mistake than the one against Catania.

2. What are you doing Pandev? Getting two yellow cards? Who are you challenging that hard for the ball?

3. Stendardo! Fouling the last man is always a hard call to make. If he thought the goal was certain if he let the play continue, then it was appropriate. But Peruzzi is between the pipes, so there is always a good chance for a block.

4. "Igli! You've fucked up enough for one night!" Tare saw an entire half of play because Rocchi had to exit at the break. His one good chance he drilled off the crossbar.

Lazio - Reggina preview coming tonight. Maybe, just maybe, the outlook won't be too bleak.

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