17 October 2006

Oddo, Peruzzi, and Behrami: the future

There is news today about three of the most important players wearing the biancocelesti jersey and when they will be available to play.

Oddo has been given a two-match ban after his expulsion in the chaotic end of the match against Cagliari. The additional ban seems harsh, especially considering the fact that the match had degraded so much so quickly in the last few minutes. I'm confident that Oddo deserves one match for whatever he said to the linesman, but to give him a two-match ban seems to say that the horrendous officiating should have been merely endured, not hotly protested.

Peruzzi has issued a new statement regarding an earlier report that he plans to retire at the end of the season:

[C'è] solo una battuta fatta con Marchegiani ed è stato dato troppo clamore. C'é un accordo con il presidente Lotito di parlare del mio futuro anno per anno e, visto che ho un contratto fino al 2008, ne parleremo a maggio del 2007
"It was only a causal remark that I made to Marchegiani and it has been given too much attention. There is an agreement with president Lotito to talk about my future year by year and, seeing as I am under contract until 2008, we will talk in May 2007." Peruzzi certainly has the right to decide the appropriate time to hang up the boots, but it is good to hear that he hasn't made a snap decision on the matter.

Behrami is reported to be back on the pitch in practice after having completed the course of physical therapy for his ankle injury. He is now expected to be back in competitive play in November, a month sooner than previously thought. Good news for Lazio's midfield, which has gone through so many lineup changes and mediocre performances here at the start of the season.

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