27 October 2006


The results of the CONI arbitration are in, and Lazio has had 8 of its 11 points of penalty eliminated! The biancocelesti have jumped from -1 point and 18th place in the classifica to 7 points and 13th place. Other teams also received reductions: Fiorentina +4 and Juve +8 (in the Serie B classifica). AC Milan got no reduction, but they also had the smallest initial penalty.

Gazzetta.it has an excellent table of the penalties at various stages in the appeals process and how they have (or would have) affected the table. For those who don't read Italian, the columns are in order: "Today, after arbitration"; "After the appeals sentences"; "How it would be with the first-degree penalties"; "How it would be without penalty."

As a practical result, Lazio enters their match with Reggina on Sunday only 5 points out of a UEFA Cup spot. Certainly, there is a lot of the season, but FORZA E AVANTI LAZIO!

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