06 January 2007

Oddo Update

The latest sound bite in the Great Oddo Saga comes from Delio Rossi, and he's not happy:

Capisco il ragazzo arriva una grande squadra e ti fa una bella offerta, ma non può essere un giocatore a dire: è arrivata un'offerta importante per me. ... Sono due o tre anni che Oddo convive con il fatto di essere uomo mercato ma ha dimostrato di pensare in campo solo alla Lazio. Al punto che è il nostro capitano.

"I understand him--a great team and comes and makes you a good offer, but it can't be the player who says, 'An important offer has arrived for me.' ... It's been two or three years that Oddo has played with the notion that he is a man on the market but on the field he has shown that he thinks only about Lazio. For that reason he is our captain."
There won't be any repercussions for these statements, since Rossi is most concerned with how his players perform on the field, and he defends Massimo in that respect. Delio just wishes the whole affair was treated with a little more class. These are the same statements that get some Laziali angry at Oddo and draw a contrast between him and Paolo di Canio, who favored to drop to Serie C2 for the end of his career if Lotito wouldn't resign him. Oddo is younger and perhaps a little more greedy, but he is still a fine player and Rossi and all Laziali want him to stay for that reason.

Update to the update:
Another character has come onto the scene in the Oddo drama—Massimo's wife, Claudia. She seems to have made up her mind, and from this quote she sounds like the kind of woman who gets her way.
Oddo resta a Roma. Credo che alla fine mio marito restera' alla Lazio. Pensiamo ad un altro figlio e a Roma stiamo proprio bene.

"Oddo will stay in Rome. I believe that in the end my husband will stay at Lazio. We are thinking about having another child and we will do well to stay in Rome."

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