11 January 2007

Lotito vs. Galliani

Massimo Oddo is not for sale. But apparently his status is open to negotiation. Lazio president Claudio Lotito has agreed to meet with Adriano Galliani, vice president of AC Milan. The topic of the encounter is, of course, the rights to the contract of Oddo. The prompt for the meeting is the fact that Lotito is doing everything he can to be frustrating to Milan. He had previously rejected an initial offer of €6M plus the contract of Pasquale Foggia. Lotito demanded slighly more, countering with a figure of €7.5M and Foggia.

Milan considered the proposition and decided that yes, they could scrounge up the extra €1.5M (from Berlusconi's pockets, if nowhere else). I'm sure Milan was quite pleased when they returned to Lazio, prepared to pay the sum that would allow the Azzurri right back to travel north and wear the maglia rossonera. The Milan management must have been rightfully shocked when Lotito refused the sum that he himself had previously set, now demanding an additional €1.5M, for a total of €9M plus Foggia for the rights to Massimo. It was obvious that a face-to-face meeting would be necessary. The results of those negotiations are yet pending, but I can only presume that in the end, Lotito will still be asking for just a bit more for his world-class defender.

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