09 December 2006

Promises I can't keep

I shouldn't do things like plan out posts for a whole week, especially when I know that I won't have the time to follow through on it. Here's the condensed version of Derby Week:

Curva Nord
The Irriducibili have pledged to suspend their protest for the Derby. They are claiming that they're doing it as a favor to the Laziali who usually sit in the Curva Sud at home games. Since all of the Laziali will be crammed into the Nord, the IRR say it wouldn't be fair to subject them to a somber atmosphere. I think the protesters have really wanted to be cheering, singing, and lighting things on fire all along.

Roma merda in Champions
Roma merda advanced to the knockout stage with a 1-0 win over Valencia on Tuesday. Totti didn't play, and there was some doubt as to whether he'd be ready for the Derby. All indications currently point to the fact that he will start on Sunday.

Lazio will be fielding its number one team, with no injuries or disqualifications lousing up the lineup. Behrami is ready to go, but will probably start on the bench. Rossi is right not to start him in his first game in six months in a derby situation. The defense will have to be very strong and Mauri will have to be the keystone of the offense in the trequartista role. Prediction? I'm not gonna tempt fate on that...

Why I'm not watching live
Tomorrow I'm making the drive down to South Bend for the second game of a home and home hockey series between Michigan and Notre Dame. Say I'm low on Lazialità, but I have lots of pride in my other teams, seeing a game live is important, and jeez after last night's dismal performance they'll need someone cheering them on. I am of course recording the game and I'll watch it later Sunday evening.

Apologies for the cursory treatment of all of this.

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