04 December 2006

Fiorentina 1-0 Lazio: in your face!

What should have been a strong Lazio side struggled mightily against La Viola in Firenze on Sunday. I was unable to see the game, but I listened on Radio Incontro and gleaned most of the important points. From what I gather, Lazio and Fiorentina had about equal chances to score. The balance tipped due to the midfield play of Fabio Liverani (ex-biancocelesti, and how we miss him) and the fact that Luca Toni is...well, Luca Toni. The man scores, however necessary. Even if that means putting his boot in Stendardo's face.

This photo accompanied every article recapping the match. How this isn't a dangerous play, I have no idea. I suppose that because the ball found the back of the net, there's no way that the referee could call it back. Still, when two players have an equal challenge on the ball, but one goes in head first and the other cleats first, the header should get possession.

The biancocelesti are lucky to have allowed just the one goal. Another strike by Toni just after the half time break was disallowed as offside. The offensive rush by Fiorentina in just the 4th minute of the second half was probably due to the fact that Oddo was pulled in favor of Sivigila at the break. Vicious rumors abounded over at Laziofever that Oddo was hurt. This was not the case, and Delio Rossi confirmed this after the match.

Oddo ha avuto problemi in settimana, non si è allenato benissimo per l'influenza, l'ho sostituito per questo.
"Oddo had problems during the week, he didn't train well because he had the flu, I substituted him for that reason."
While Oddo's misfortune and the club's loss were disappointing, the worst news of the day came from outside the stadium. Four Lazio supporters were arrested for firebombing a police car that was on security duty. That is truly shameful, and something that I'd like to think that even Romanisti di merda wouldn't do. If the Irriducibili need something to protest (more on their preparations for the derby tomorrow), let it be those four people. They did not show Lazialità, and this is the week we will need it most. Avanti Lazio, la prossima è il derby!

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