23 November 2006

Messina 1-4 Lazio: the surge continues

Apologies for the long break between posts. I've had an extremely busy week, but now it is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and I have some free time. So, on to last week's match!

Lazio kept the newly retooled offensive machine rolling on the road against Messina, despite some pregame concerns. It was revealed on Sunday that Tommaso Rocchi would not be starting due to continuing troubles with his knee. Stephen Makinwa, now back from his own injury, got the start in his place alongside Goran Pandev, with Mauri at the back point behind the strikers. I was unable to watch the game, because there were no TV feeds, but from what I could discern from the radio broadcast, the 4-3-1-2 is still working very well, letting Lazio defend consistently and also create offensive chances. Makinwa proved to play well for all 90 minutes, ultimately earning his goal in the 84th minute. I hope we will see more goals from him, for the celebrations if nothing else. Also, Messina keeper Marco Storari is my new favorite keeper to score goals on...he goes nuts, angry either at himself or at his defenders after every score! Naturally, the video tells the tale on these better than I can:

While the highlights are fun, the most important thing to consider coming off of another huge win is this: in the past two games Lazio scored 9 goals, compared to 10 goals in the entire rest of the season. Will the biancocelesti's norm be what we've seen in the past two weeks, or the lackluster offense of the first ten matchdays? Sunday's return home to face Ascoli will tell, for the time being.

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