28 November 2006

"I fart in your general direction!" (and other suspensions)

A bit of humorous news via Gazzetta today. Christian Okpala, striker for the German C-league team Stuttgarter Kickers was indefinitely suspended after punching one of his own teammates, Sasha Benda. The reason? "Benda provoked me, he kept farting in my presence." I can only imagine if the whole Zidane-Materazzi confrontation had been sparked by a bunch of flatulence...

Some more relevant suspensions were also handed down today. After a video review, Ascoli's Simone Pesce was given a three-match ban for his flying elbow that hit Gabi Mudingayi across the face. The blow didn't even earn Pesce a yellow card during the match, and there were some protestations about the fact that Mudingayi stayed down on the pitch for a while after the incident, even though he was clearly in the right and had been hit quite hard.

Also, Stefano Mauri has been suspended for one match, apparently for his yellow card offense in the match against Ascoli. He has only received three yellow cards on the year, so this was not an automatic suspension.

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