26 August 2006

Roma forgets to play second half; gets angry, gives up game winner and man advantage in extra time

Apparently our good friends AS Roma decided that after opening up a 3-0 lead in just over a half hour and going into halftime at 3-1 in the Supercoppa Italia, the proper locker room adjustment was to crack open una birra and sing "We Are the Champions" despite the fact that they don't know the words. Oh, and this other little fact that there was still 45 minutes of calcio to be played.

Inter decided to come back out and actually try, and in 20 minutes ex-Laziale Hernan Crespo had found the header off of a Stankovic cross through a lolligagging Roma defense. Only three minutes later, the gazzetta.it cronaca had this wonderfully pithy summary of how Roma was (not) playing:

23' Roma molto stanca, gara apertissima.
"Roma is very tired, the game is wide open." And despite a persisting one goal deficit, it was indeed wide open. Roma for some reason thought they were still coasting, pulling two of their starters (Taddei out at 21', F***ing Totti out at 27') and oops...with 16 minutes left suddenly it's tied 3-3. Had they got the wakeup call yet? Apparently not, as Gazzetta's Riccardo Pratesi notes:
32' Roma sulle gambe, l'Inter continua ad attaccare.
"Roma is on their knees, Inter continues to attack." Well, it took the remaining 16 minutes (including the 3 of recupero) for the Romanisti to get the message. Now it's time for "Roma angry, Roma smash!" Instead of directing this frustration over how miserably they played the second half towards an effort at scoring in extra time, they instead use it to foul Inter at the top of the box. Figo converts the resulting free kick and suddenly--where did this come from?--Roma is losing! Now you've really crossed them. Smart man Chivu decides to mock the official, because this will solve the whole problem. He sees red and Inter coasts 25 minutes to a 4-3 win, having scored 4 unanswered goals. Bravo Inter, stupida Roma.

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